Leaders’ Guide

Here are some suggestions for implementing the seder.

  • This works best in an intimate setting (as opposed to a large, cavernous room).
  • Take turns reading. (Let the participants know beforehand to expect to be reading.)

The Seder Plate and Table

  • You can use a Passover seder plate or a platter with small bowls. A seder plate without markings is preferable.
  • You can download a barbed wire Mogen David and photograph strips for “The Place of the Lost” on the Setting the Table page.
The Seder Itself
  • The extra text in the tan and green boxes are meant as asides for the participants to read on their own.
  • In reading “Refugee Blues” (p. 14-15), have each person read one stanza in turn around the table.
  • In reading Motele’s poem (p. 25), have one person read the entire poem.
  • In reading the questions (p. 38-40), have one child read the question and a different child read the answer. If you have a range of ages, have the younger children read the questions and the older ones read the answers.

      Covering the barbed wire (p. 33):

  • You can call the children’s Hebrew names or just let them come up with their strips. For younger children, calling their Hebrew names can help focus them on the action.
  • Have the children read the names of the people in the pictures as they put them down. You can have them read one at a time or all together.
The Meal
  • A recommended meal is laid out on page 41.
  • Use challah if you can, or good white bread, rather than rough black bread. For this meal, you should serve food reflecting the richness of liberation and survival, not the darkness of affliction.
  • If you use the meal recommendation on page 41, you could read the description at the bottom of page 41 to explain the significance of the meal choices.
  • We have included the complete birkat hamazon because our children like it. You can choose how much you want to do.


  • For potato skins: peel a potato, rinse the skins and cook them in the microwave for 15 seconds. Use the potato in the soup.
  • The turnip should be raw and sliced thinly.
  • For edible flowers, geraniums are a good choice as they are both fragrant and edible. Edible flowers are often carried by healthy or alternative grocery stores.

More Information

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