Setting the Table

The Seder Plate

Place the following on the seder plate

  • Rosemary sprigs (for memory)
  • Potato skins (for starvation)
  • Turnips (for bitterness)
  • Olives or dates with pits (for the unbreakable inner core)
  • Edible flowers (for the Righteous)
  • Strips of torn photographs (for the Lost)
  • A bowl of salt water (for tears) in the center of the plate

The Table

In addition to the seder plate, you will need

  • Three small cups or glasses at each place (one each for wine, tea, and water), placed on a plate
  • Two candles: one in a fancy candlestick and the other placed on a cheap, upside-down tin or glass cup
  • An empty seat with a complete place setting for the Place of the Lost
  • At the center of the table, an enlarged picture of a  barbed-wire Star of David
  • A Yartzeit Candle at the center of the star. Do not light the candle.
  • And, of course, the haggadot.

You can find a downloadable barbed wire star of David and picture strips to cut out at the top of this page.

Please note that this picture is missing the three cups at each place setting.

Download the Pieces

Download a barbed wire Star of David here.

Picture strips for downloading:

(Note that not all of the people in these pictures died in the Holocaust.
Click here for more information about the people in the pictures.)

We recommend that you laminate both the star and the picture strips (after cutting them out) to preserve them for future use.

You can also find your own pictures on the web or in your personal collections.  (If you use your personal pictures, please be sure to use a copy and not cut up your original pictures.) Try to find ones where you can identify the people to some extent (even if it’s only as so-and-so’s brother or sister or cousin).